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Your new kitchen without the expense and disruption

Now you can transform your kitchen without paying for expensive new units or the disruption of a refit. Kitchen painting by skilled craftsmen gives your tired old kitchen units an exciting new look of your choice for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

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What’s your style?

Check the interior design magazines and you’ll see that painted kitchens are now very popular. And, they’re versatile. Even if you’re refreshing old pine units, you can turn your kitchen into French country style, shabby chic, distressed vintage or high-tech modern. Take a look at our gallery and you’ll see how far you can go with hand painting. Choose your style and we’ll make it a reality.


Durable, quality professional painting

We’re not talking about a quick lick of paint. Our painters have years of experience in restoring and refinishing furniture to the highest standards. We use high quality paints from the Autentico Pure and Natural Paints range and we’re experienced in the creative techniques and decorative effects that will give your kitchen a stunning, truly unique look. Autentico paints come in a range of 145 colours; they’re durable with a finish that will stay fresh for years, and they’re eco-friendly.

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Complete kitchen service

We don’t just paint kitchen units, we can take care of the whole kitchen transformation. We can design your kitchen to make best use of your units and we’ll source any worktops, electrical goods and other fittings you need. If you need changes to your electrical or plumbing fittings, we’ll hire and manage trusted professionals to carry out the work to our own very high standards. In short, we can do a simple refresh or give you a whole new kitchen.

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Get a quote

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    Quotes are an estimate only. Prior to any work being carried out a full quotation will be completed upon a visit from on of our specialists.

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