Terms & Conditions

To accept your purchase/commission of work and to make it a legally enforceable agreement you must read and sign this document. If you have any questions please call or email us.


  1. These terms and conditions apply to services and goods advertised instore, online or in any official promotional materials.
  2. We are David Harris trading as Stipple and Dab of 20a-21 Muggeridge Farm, Battlesbridge Antique and Craft Centre, Essex, SS117RF. Email david@stippleanddab.co.uk. Tel 07850022970.
  3. Our specific service is outlined in the order of works agreement or delivery note.

The Customer

  1. Any special requirement must form part of the order of works and will not be considered after the contract is signed unless agreed by us and attached to the order of works. Including any commerial usage.
  2. For bespoke made to mesure furniture all mesurements supplied are the responsibility of the customer
  3. All colour choices are the responsibility of the customer and must be final and no later than 7 days before the service start date.
  4. The Customer must ensure furniture is of sound order and the original item if photos have been supplied for quotation purposes.
  5. The customer must grant access on the days agreed in the order of works or delivery.
  6. The customer will meet the cost of any return deliverys or time lost due to lack of access.
  7. The customer will fullfill paymet obligations in accordance with time scales set out including final payments.

Stipple and Dab

We have a legal duty to supply the service in conformity with the contract and will not have complied if we have not met the following obligations.

  1. Services must be of satisfactory quality for everyday use.
  2. Be reasonably fit for purpose for which you purchase the goods/service.
  3. It is not a failior to meet requirements if the fault is in the supplied items.
  4. We will supply the service with skill and care.
  5. We will notify you if there is a failior of service which is out of our control.
  6. We will supply all materials to complete the service in the contract.
  7. We will ensure all services are carriewd out in accordance withn our own values statement.
  8. We will ensure all service areas are left clean and tidy as on arrival.

A contract will only become formal when we have both sign an order of works and a deposit of 50%has been paid.

All quotation is only valid for 28 days.

We can reject any inquiry at any time up to the point of signing the order of works, we will strive to give a valid reason for this.

We may from time to time sub contract preperation work like cleaning and sanding items.


  1. Deliveries will be made within a 2 week period on compleation of services at an agreed time.
  2. The customer must ensure access at the agreed time, 15mins waiting time is free. The customer will need to pay for a further delivery if missed.
  3. Any damage to items are the responsibility of the customer after delivery.
  4. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure items will fit through doorways etc, items may otherwise be delivered to the doorstep.


  1. Deposits are none refundable in all cases.
  2. Deposits of 50% are required to hold items and to book services.
  3. We will not hold deposits for items more than 2 weeks, paid in full items will be held free of charge for 2 weeks and for a maximum of 8 weeks, charges will be encured. After 2 weeks, items may be sold to recover storage costs (please see storage prices for details)
  4. Payments can be made in cash, Debit card or EBT (electronic bank Transfer) no cheques.
  5. Items must be paid for on delivery.
  6. Services must be paid in full on the last day of service.
  7. Invoices for your records will be issued.

The contract is governed by the law of England and Wales

Disputes can be submitted to the juristiction of the courts or England and Wales.

We strive to resolve all issues before this, if you have any concerns or complaints either with our services or items please speak with us on 07850 022970 or email us as david@stippleanddab.co.uk. If in relation to an item purchased please send photos within 48 hrs and we will respond with in 48 working hrs.