Values Statement

We at Stipple and Dab believe in the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle. This is what led us to do what we do.

We want to do this in the most ethical way we can, we only use eco friendly products and not any old products, we have invested in finding the best out there, our partnership with Autentico shows this.

We strive to be open, honest and transparent in our delivery of services and how we price what we do.

You can see exactly what you are getting for your money with a detailed breakdown of costs of services.

Not only that we want you to know how we achieve such fantastic results, we don’t believe in the “no prep” philosophy that so many do, for us this is simply unacceptable.

We will

  • Clean
  • Sand
  • Clean again
  • Pant and hand finish all items whether large or small

When we work in your house, we will be friendly, on time, tidy and drink plenty of tea. This is our guarantee to you our valued customer.